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This is the first book the Dead President's MC series and what a fabulous start!

Tyler 'Link' Lincoln is the president of the MC and when one of his brothers, Havoc, is put in jail on a false charge, he turns to defence attorney, Emily Stafford. He had heard good things about her getting results but what he wasn't prepared for what the hot package she came in. The moment he sets eyes on her he knows she is set to be more than just a DA for him.

Emily is a tough cookie and has worked hard for what she has achieved. She doesn't take things lightly and at first glance at Link she sees his tats and his cut but when she listens to more she is instantly invested in seeing if there is any truth in the underhand goings on that landed Havoc in Jail.

I loved Link and Emily from the start. He was hot, bossy and a top notch sexy alpha. His charisma oozed off the kindle that displayed he was a dominant man not to be ignored. On the other hand Emily was no soft touch either and she gave Link as good as he gave. There was no unnecessary angst and a silly runaround for these two. They knew what they wanted and they were definitely going to get it (and how hot it was!). Steamy!

I loved that the MC was for ex-servicemen which made the brotherhood all the more tight in their steadfast support of each other. The banter between them all was a big draw into the MC and I loved the set up in an old Fire House. The other secondary characters, especially Emily's assistant and her grandmother, were also a welcome addition (her assistant is especially hilarious)

The storyline was engaging and had plenty of depth to offset the lighter laughter times. I love an MC romance but some fall flat in the initial world building. This however was a hit from the start. I could not put it down and I am now on tenterhooks awaiting Havoc's story which I hope will cover some areas that were left untold. I would definitely recommend this enticing sexy MC read which highly deserves five stars. Fabulous!

Foxylutely Books (Blog)

While Harley Stone is a new author to me, she has made an impression! LINK'D UP was very well written and engaging. It hooked me and kept my attention. There is everything that I love ... danger, thrills, dirty talking biker, and a strong female character that can hold her own. And also a grandma that I want to be when I grow up!

Link is scrumptious. He is a dirty talking badass that doesn't mind getting a little dirty when it comes to teaching a lesson that needs to be taught. He is instantly drawn to Emily and wants to ruffle those precisely placed feathers until he can see the woman beneath the suit. But Emily doesn't make the chase easy for him. She makes him work for it, but the chemistry between these two characters cannot be contained. Emily thinks Link acts like a knuckle dragger at times, but then there are the sweetest moments that make this hardened attorney throw caution to the wind.

But what I really loved about these two characters is how well they balanced each other out. They are both driven and confident. They will stop at nothing to see that the innocent are defended. They are both stubborn and confident, vulnerable and fierce.

All in all, LINK'D UP was an enjoyable ride into a new series that I am already hooked on. The characters are memorable, and the storyline was well written. I got pulled in and experienced the happiness and sadness of the characters, as well as the anger and satisfaction when someone got their comeuppance. I am definitely looking forward to more of this series and this author. I would definitely recommend LINK'D UP!

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